Coleston is a baseball athlete for West Carteret High School. He first started with Youngs with a dislocated shoulder and then had surgery to repair a torn labrum.

“Eric and Lauren have been awesome helping me recover. These services have helped me get back on the field: physical therapy, cupping, assisted stretching, and strength training. I highly recommend Youngs to any athlete because the staff really care and work hard to help your recovery and get you back on the field” – Coleston
Marissa attends and plays soccer for D. H. Conley High School and also plays club soccer for WYSA Explosion. She started coming to us for physical therapy about 3 years ago after an ACL and meniscus injury. Towards the end of her rehab, she transitioned into sports performance training, and continues to come in each week!

“Youngs is a place I have recommended and will continue to recommend to anyone, because every single provider I have worked with always made me feel confident and comfortable. I have been able to grow strong relationships with my providers to the point I can talk to them about anything. Youngs is like a home away from home for me. My faith is a big part of who I am, and Youngs has exemplified how I can use my faith in different ways in many aspects of my daily life just like I also use their physical therapy techniques in my daily life. They have always pushed me to view the bright side of any obstacle that is put in front of me.” – Marissa