Earl started with us 3 months before his hip surgery, which was in June 2023. He shared “Lauren got me in the best condition possible to help make the surgery more successful.” Following surgery he worked with Kara, Eric and Lauren for 4 months and says “my recovery and return to sports is directly attributable to them.” After his doctor prescribed physical therapy sessions concluded, he worked primarily with Dana on our wellness side to continue his rehab and improve flexibility. He now plays tennis three days a week (his team is going to state championships in two weeks!), golf twice a week, walking, and Pickleball when he can.
“Youngs has the most amazing environment and staff that made 2 full years of recovery from back to back ACL’s the best it could be. Youngs cares about the people as well as the treatment, and it showed everyday. I’m so thankful for my care team throughout my entire process here. They allowed me to complete my collegiate career on the best note!” – Payton
“I’ve been going to Youngs for 3 years now and they take the best care of me and got me better than I was before I had Tommy John surgery.” – Austin
Coleston is a baseball athlete for West Carteret High School. He first started with Youngs with a dislocated shoulder and then had surgery to repair a torn labrum.

“Eric and Lauren have been awesome helping me recover. These services have helped me get back on the field: physical therapy, cupping, assisted stretching, and strength training. I highly recommend Youngs to any athlete because the staff really care and work hard to help your recovery and get you back on the field” – Coleston
Marissa attends and plays soccer for D. H. Conley High School and also plays club soccer for WYSA Explosion. She started coming to us for physical therapy about 3 years ago after an ACL and meniscus injury. Towards the end of her rehab, she transitioned into sports performance training, and continues to come in each week!

“Youngs is a place I have recommended and will continue to recommend to anyone, because every single provider I have worked with always made me feel confident and comfortable. I have been able to grow strong relationships with my providers to the point I can talk to them about anything. Youngs is like a home away from home for me. My faith is a big part of who I am, and Youngs has exemplified how I can use my faith in different ways in many aspects of my daily life just like I also use their physical therapy techniques in my daily life. They have always pushed me to view the bright side of any obstacle that is put in front of me.” – Marissa
Noah is a pitcher on the JPII High School Baseball team. He was 1st Team All Conference and started on Varsity as a Freshman!! He came to Youngs due to an arm injury and has utilized our physical therapy and sports performance services.
“I would recommend Youngs to other athletes because of the family environment and the amazing help they provide.” – Noah

“Jonathan and Youngs Physical Therapy have been proven to be an integral part of her support team. Soccer Coaches and Directors from Clubs all over the Southeast have noticed her strength and stamina on the field. Many have spoken with her directly after games about how impressed they were on how strong she finishes games.

We feel that Youngs provides athletes the ability to achieve their maximum potential and would recommend them to anyone who is interested excelling on the field.” – Scott Carpenter

“I would recommend Youngs because everybody treats each other like family and you get the best results.” – Caleb