“I have been coming to Youngs for approximately a month and a half and this is the first time in over nine years that I am without pain.” – Wilma Steig, Dry Needling

“One thing I used to tell Kevin and Michael all the time is the way they make you think about movement and what you’re doing when you’re not in physical therapy. Not just helping you overcome whatever you are trying to overcome, but to think about your movements and patterns and what you’re doing everyday. Thinking about it and understanding the relationships between your muscles. If there is anyone with vestibular or vertigo issues I would highly recommend Michael. When you have vertigo, it’s debilitating, but he really knows what he is doing” – Marianna Walker, ECU Professor

“Kevin and Jennifer have created an environment at Youngs Physical Therapy that’s like a family. When you walk in the front door, you feel like the scene from “Cheers” where everybody knows your name and they call it out. Even the therapists that don’t work with you know who you are. The therapists themselves work together as a team, work collectively, to figure out the very best way they can help you achieve your goals. I can highly recommend them to anybody wanting to improve their health.” – Jule White