“Once my collegiate tender at ECU came to a close, I was given an opportunity to play in an all-star game, perform in the NFL Combine, and pursue my dream of playing in the NFL. Shortly after I signed my first contract, I had to have surgery on my hip to repair a torn labrum and shave down a cam deformity that had been causing discomfort. When asked about physical therapy, there was no doubt in my mind where I wanted to be. Now at the 6-month mark in my healing process, I have well surpassed my expectations for myself at this point in my recovery. Kevin’s All-Star staff has done an amazing job of challenging me, while giving me tremendous support, feedback and encouragement.

Throughout the time I’ve had the pleasure of working with Young’s PT and Sports Performance, their versatility and multitude of specialties have blown me away. I have seen them help a variety of people from child gymnast, college and professional athletes, to retired senior citizens just wanting to stay in good health and enjoy their quality of life. It’s clear that Young’s PT is a first class establishment, ran by great people. With their help, I know I’ll accomplish my goals.” – Davon Grayson, football, Chiefs

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